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Teddington Local History

The obelisk dated 1909 situated by the Thames at Teddington, marks the end of the Port of London's Authority and the beginning of The Thames Conservancy (now known as The National Rivers Authority) jusrisdiction over the river. Teddington lock defines the beginning of the non tidal Thames.
Some say that Teddington's name comes from "Tides End". However the accepted reason for the name of Teddington, is after an old Saxon tribal chief called Tedd. The "ton" means a settlement. Therefore the name means the settlement of Tedd.
To get from the Middlesex side of the Thames to the Surrey side from Teddington, the two footbridges that span the river provide the easiest access. They replaced a ferry (Ferry road named after the old ferry) and were built between 1887 and 1889. They were funded by donations from local businesses and residents. From Teddington, the first bridge is a suspension bridge that links to a small island. The second bridge is a girder bridge that links to the Surrey side. In 2000 wooden ramps were added to the Ham side and the middle section to aid cyclists and pushchairs.