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Twickenham Fine Ales - A pint of the local

Twickenham Fine Ales are fast establishing themselves as the area's favourite brewery. A local micro brewery that produces 7,000 pints a week, their ales can be found in many pubs in the area including The Fox in Twickenham , The Twickenham Club , The William Webb Ellis, The Rifleman, The Prince of Wales, and in Teddington, The Teddington Arms, The Clockhouse and The Builders Arms. There are others too, just look for the TFA badge on the pumps, TFA are in 60% of the pubs in the area.

With the arrival of a new fermenter last Tuesday (November 23rd, 2010) and more equipment coming in the future, the brewery is aiming to increase capacity by 25% or so in the coming year. The brewery has recently expanded by taking over the unit next door which serves as a storage area. At the moment the brewery is at full capacity producing 40 firkins each brew. They aim to produce two and a half brews a week, so that means that a total of a 100 firkins are produced on a weekly basis. Each firkin is 9 gallons which equates to 72 pints. Producing 100 firkins a week and given that a firkin is 72 pints , Twickenham Fine Ales produces roughly 7,000 pints a week.

the new fermenter

Not bad for four guys who started the brewery up in September 2004. After a career in IT Steve took time out and decided that he would like to create a micro brewery business. With Tom, Anthony and Rob, in the last few years the brewery has continued to grow and their products are very much on the local beer drinkers radar. The beers are not available in bottles but can be bought in 2 pint, 4 pint and 8 pint containers from Noble Green wines or Real Ale Ltd. if you prefer to drink at home or are having a party.

the brewery

With a wide variety of beers that can be viewed here, Twickenham Fine Ales brew 4 regular ales, 4 seasonal ones and have a stout in the making that will be quite strong. Interestingly marketing has not been a big expense at all, word of mouth and recommendation has seen the business grow organically to their current full capacity.
Drinking a beer that has been brewed locally is certainly an ethical choice, with all transportation within the local area, Twickenham Fine Ales are an environmentally good choice.

casks ready to go

Whilst Twickenham Fine Ales are a relatively new company, there is something traditional and established about the company which resonates locally. The beer is popular and with different ales there is much for the beer enthusiast to savour. Awards have been won and the business is growing. My choice is the Sundancer, a really good light beer, Naked Ladies has a very loyal following as does Grandstand and Original which are the all-year-round beers produced at the brewery. The current months ales are on the Twickenham Fine Ales website.

If you have not come across Twickenham Fine Ales yet and you enjoy a pint, this is the local beer to enjoy. A pint of Twickenham produced beer in a local pub certainly gives the beer drinker a warm feeling.

Article: Arcadian Times, November 29th, 2010