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Thames Anglers' Conservancy Group

Talksport broadcasts a radio show called "Fisherman's Blues" (Saturday & Sunday 6.00am - 8.00am) hosted by Keith Arthur a local resident of the borough. The program as the title suggests is dedicated to fishing. The greater part of the audience is made up of anglers but also has an army of non fishing listeners (an army is how they are described on the program). Perhaps the attraction of the program to the non fishing community (and to this listener) is the passion and in depth knowledge of the subject that is conveyed. Dedicated anglers are afterall regularly in touch with the environment and are the eyes and ears of the river. If there is anything untoward happening with a river then anglers are the first to notice. Whilst the program is nationwide (and some times international) in subject matter, the local area and The Thames get regular mentions. With the host Keith Arthur being a local of the area, familiar locations are mentioned and for the non angler the program gives a good insight into the river that runs through and defines our borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

This year the listenership of the program has been regularly updated on the work of the Thames Anglers' Conservancy (TAC) by a caller called Mushroom, a local Ham resident whose enthusiasm and dedication to the river knows no bounds. Essentially a voluntary organisation, the members of the TAC have taken it upon themselves to clear the towpaths of litter, engage with local residents along the Thames who are not so enthused by anglers and demonstrate that anglers are in fact passionately environmentally concerned and share many of the concerns that local residents might have. The goodwill and support towards the TAC is growing apace as people see the good that Mushroom and his team are achieving. The TAC was formed at the beginning of the year and their aims and motivations can be viewed here. The organisation is growing steadily, powered by goodwill and a passion for The Thames and the environment. The TAC is not just an angling organisation but a wider environmentally aware organisation and would welcome support from non anglers.

The TAC is a friendly and dedicated group, growing steadily with a commonsense, proactive and no frills approach to their objectives. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and with Mushroom's enthusiasm and tigerish instincts to involve people, the TAC is a very worthwhile local organisation that is growing steadily. Whether you are an angler or not, but have a passion for the local area, supporting the TAC in their regular clean ups whether in person or by donating any unwanted useful tools or equipment would be very welcome.

The TAC is an example to us all of what passion and dedication to a cause can achieve, and to which we are all beneficiaries as the TAC team of volunteers strive to improve our environment.

The TAC website provides all contact details.

Article: Arcadian Times, November 13th, 2010